Manufacturer and supplier filter materials and geocell.

Experimental enterprise «KOMETA» proposes:

Filter foundation fabric.

Filtering elements (sleeves, bags, cartridges etc.) of any configuration and complication.

Geocells for slopes and roads strengthening.



Filter foundation fabric
 Filter foundation fabric
  Filter fabricFilter foundation fabric as well as needle-punched fabric is used for gas, liquid purification of dust particles and sediments. It is used in sleeves filters for gas ejection. It works unceasingly in high humidity and temperature up to 150 °Ń.

Filtering elements
 Filter bag
Filtering elements are used in metallurgy, cement and woodworking industries. Basic material is polyester foundation and needle-punched fabrics as well as other filter at customers consent.

Geocells are used for reinforcing soil in highway engineering:
- they are used for antierosion slope protection in highways, mainlines, flyovers and tunnels.
- they are used for strengthening coast side strips and riverside small channel.
- they are used for land organization.